How would you describe “Your Perfect Day”​?

Jane Ferré
4 min readAug 13, 2021
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When we are stuck about what to do next, it can be useful to take a step back and think about your average, yet perfect day. These are the kind of things that you would like to do on a daily basis that you would never tire of.

Grab a coffee and a blank sheet of paper and find a quiet space somewhere. Let your mind wander . . .


  • Respond in the first person
  • Be as specific as you can
  • There are no limitations (financial, geographical, health etc)
  • Keep it legal!

These questions will help to get your creative juices flowing:

Where would you live?

What would your house look like?

What would it smell like?

What time would you get up in the morning?

What would you do in the morning?

What would you have for breakfast?

What would you be thinking about?

Where would you spend the first half of the day?

What would you have for lunch?

Who would you eat with?

What would your friends be like?

What would you do for personal fulfilment?

What life purpose would you strive towards?

What would your business be?

What are your clients like?

What time would you start work?

What would you actually do at work?

If you met someone for the first time, how would you like to describe what you do?

What products couldn’t you live without?

Describe your relationship with your significant other? Your children?

What would you do for family time?

Where would you eat?

Who would you eat with?

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